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BattleDock Converter PUBG Controller Stand Docking

BattleDock Converter PUBG Controller Stand Docking

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  • 100% PC gaming experience on smartphones! Gamdox X1 BattleDock allows you to use your own keyboard and mouse to control the mobile games. 
  • Designed for FPS and battle royale games! Significantly improves your victory by providing better control of quick-aiming, tap firing, spraying, and everything.
  • Compatible with Android via Bluetooth 4.0 lag-free experience! Supporting most common FPS games and battle royale games such as Rules of Survival, Fortnite, Dead trigger2, Modern Combat 5 and more.
  • Customizable keyboard button setting for your preference, supporting button combination, auto-fire, and one-click-macro.
  • 3000mAh ultra-long battery life helps you battle for a whole day. Never give up an unfinished game.

Hello, Keyboard and Mouse!

Introducing Gamdox X1 BattleDock for FPS games, the innovative docking station to bring you the unpredictable PC gaming experience of the mice and keyboard control on the smartphones via Bluetooth connection!

This is the brand new solution that dramatically turns your Android phone to be compatible with PC equipment.

With the Gamdox World app, now you can enjoy your favorite shooting game with your keyboard and mouse with the next level of control!


100% PC Gaming Experience

Gamdox X1 BattleDock supports any kind of non-Bluetooth keyboard (membrane, mechanical, or one-hand keyboard) and any kind of non-Bluetooth mouses (wired or 2.4Ghz wireless dongle).

With the intelligent engine, Gamdox X1 ensures the 1:1 mouse movement in games. Bring your weapons to the new battlefield!

3000mAh ultra-long battery life helps you battle for a whole day. Never give up an unfinished game!

Foldable Smartphone Holder

The built-in holder helps to hold your smartphone or pads easy in a widely adjustable range of comfortable angles.

The rectangular shape allows you to fold and store it extremely easily and decently when you are not playing it.

Bluetooth 4.0 Lag-Free

A small lag can mean the death in the FPS games, so Gamdox X1 BattleDock adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, a wide benchmark data transferring standard to make sure every key you pressed, every move of your mouse, will be reflected in the mobile game.

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