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Japanese Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

Japanese Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set

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All-In-One Kitchen Knife Set

🔪Elegant and Sophisticated to look at, Elite Knives Set offer you that graceful and aesthetically pleasing kitchen tool that is packed with lots of advantages! Your new knife set will quickly become the workhorse of the kitchen, tackling any cutting job you put in front of it!

🔝Elite Knives are knives that no kitchen should be without! A culinary perfection combining award-winning craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology & the absolute best materials available.

❇️They can cut meat better than an electric knife! They go through frozen food as though it were melted butter! They're so sharp they can cut through a tin can & then still perfectly slice a tomato! They can even chop wood and remain razor sharp!

Why Is It Important To Have A Sharp Knife?

✔️A Sharp Knife Is Safer- A sharp blade is predictable. When it strikes or is drawn across the food's surface, it won't slip. This makes it easy to control how the blade moves through the food, giving you control over your chopping or slicing. A dull blade will slip, which makes control difficult and increases the risk that it will slip into your finger. With a dull knife, it's only a matter of time until you slip while applying more pressure.

✔️A Sharp Knife Works Better- Sharp knives need less brute force to cut than dull knives. Less brute force means less damage to the food, which you can easily see by looking closely at the cut. A sharp knife helps in maintaining the texture of your ingredients. Delicate ingredients, like herbs, will look fresher for longer if you slice through them cleanly, whereas a dull knife will crush more of the cells surrounding the cut, which ultimately accelerates wilting and discoloration.

✔️A Sharp Knife Is Quicker- A dull knife slows you down, while a sharp knife makes prep easier and more enjoyable.

🔪Each knife from Elite Knives has been individually forged with delicate hands and hammered with stunning layers to answer all of these crucial necessities.

 A Good Knife Never Fails Your Cooking


 Your Kitchen Deserves These Knives


Enhance Your Cutting Experience


What Does The Set Includes?

3.5" Paring Knife- Despite their small size, paring knives will make light work of harder foods, like potatoes, while still being maneuverable enough to carry out delicate tasks like peeling, trimming, and removing seeds from fruit and veg.

 9" Bread Knife- The long blade and sharp serrated edge of a bread knife make it the perfect tool for sawing through all sorts of different breeds, including crusty bread, baguettes, bagels, and bread rolls.

8" Chef Knife- A great all-rounder, a chef knife is one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen, perfect for everyday dicing and mincing tasks. It's the ideal tool for chopping and dicing lots of vegetables at once. 

7" Cleaver Knife- A cleaver is used to chop up raw meat, either as part of the butchery, processor to divide it into smaller portions before cooking. The large, heavy design means that it can even cut through bone, making it one of the best knives for raw meat prep.

6" Boning Knife- A boning knife is the best knife for cutting meat bones and trimming cartilage to create the perfect joint or cut before cooking. The pointed tip and slim blade make it an excellent choice for cutting around the bone without ruining the surrounding flesh.

5 " + 7" Santoku Knife & Japanese Knife- Effective tool for cutting fish. They're particularly useful when preparing sushi or other raw fish, as the dimpling on the flat side of the blade helps to stop delicate items from sticking to the metal. The large, broad blade can also be used to scoop up and transport chopped food after cutting. Their usefulness isn't just limited to fish, though: They also make light work of vegetables.

8" Slicing Knife- When it comes to serving meats like poultry, pork, lamb, or beef, a slicing knife is the best tool for the job, as it will produce thin, neat, evenly sized slices. It can also be used to tackle larger fruits and vegetables, such as melons or courgettes, which can be tough to slice through using smaller or broader knives. Also capable of cutting perfect cake slices in one smooth cutting motion.

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